Words can't express the gigantic gratitude me and my fiancee have for your help. We're now starting our 5th week as nonsmokers and I'm absolutely astonished how easy it was to quit for us both! We both had never been to a hypnotist and had our doubts going into it. We concluded that there was little to lose besides some money so we made the leap. That small risk paid off multiple times over, and we lead much healthier lives now.

Again, we thank you, and I hope you never stop helping others overcome this habit. You're the man of the year in my book and I'm sure second in my fiancee's.


Great hypnotist for weight loss. Since high school I have been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight I went to see Jeffrey Rose and I have begun to lose about 2 pounds every week, which is outstanding for me. It's really interesting how he has been able make this happen. Before I saw Jeffrey Rose, my eating was out of control. After the hypnosis session, I've noticed that I no longer eat any processed foods and I can actually stop eating when I'm full. I am really in control now. My whole attitude and beliefs about food and exercise are healthy now. If you want to lose weight, definitely call the Advanced Hypnosis Center. 


An absolutely awesome hypnotist!. I am totally free of smoking cigarettes for almost a year now after just one session with Jeffrey Rose. I have no desire to even touch a cigarette! Even though I was very stressed around the time that I quit, he was still able to rid me of this disgusting habit. My daughter insisted that I see him after she saw Mr. Rose helping someone quit smoking on the Tyra Banks Show. After looking at his website's press page, I figured if he is getting all of this national attention he must be great and he was. I highly recommend to see this hypnotist to quit smoking or make other positive changes!


I can't thank Jeffrey Rose enough. I am not familiar with other clinical hypnotists, but I must say Jeffrey Rose helped me successfully and easily quit smoking last week as part on of my New Year's resolutions. I am now a non smoker and feeling great about it. I now understand why Mr. Rose is know as the guy to see in NYC to quit smoking. I am committed to leading a cigarette free life and exercising everyday

Michael M. 


 Having never used hypnosis to help me before, I was a little skeptical but my eating habits were out of control.  a  friend's recommended I book an appointment with Jeffrey Rose and after just one session with him I experienced positive changes. He also send many of his published articles on health and fitness and provided me with some terrific self hypnosis audio to reinforce my progress. My results have lasted for over a year, and for that I am grateful. My eating habits our under control and I don't feel deprived. Jeffrey Rose is so devoted and has so much wisdom on nutrition and healthy. If you want to make positive changes in your life you should call the Advanced Hypnosis Center.

Pros: devoted, thorough, effective,



Jeffrey - Just a note of thanks , I have lost 20 lbs. since we met and have been exercising regularly. Thanks for your support.


Feel free to use this email as promotion or use me as a reference. I want to thank you warmly for the great time we had with you on Tuesday. It was amazing, and I hope we can do this again. The group was impressed, and inspired by your lecture and the hypnosis!

Mehdi L. 


I am very grateful for the enormous and wonderful method of self transformation from a life threatening cigarette smoker to a smoke free enthusiast. I remember way back, not one of my family members were non smokers and I was a living witness of their miserable sufferings from lung cancer and emphysema. I thought I can get rid and stop the chain but oh my God! cigarettes were irresistible, so difficult to let it go and live normally. I was almost on the rim of getting emphysema when my doctor told me it is not yet too late for me to add more years to my life. I feel scared knowing the history of my family. I started to look for a means and a way of quitting smoking. Until one day a friend of mine came by to visit me at my office and she told me about her transformed life- a smoke free life as she used to say. I was really surprised making myself believe of her stories (I know her since we were in high school) but she had proven it to me. She asked me to meet a certain Jeffrey Rose who had helped her to quit smoking. At first there was a hesitation but I said to myself I want to give myself a chance to live more years so I decided to meet this hypnotist.

I felt it was the end of the world for me when I first had my smoking cessation session. There was an immense part of me that said, I can’t quit and I felt scared to let this horrible habit go. But to my surprise I was able to get rid of my bad smoking habit for good. When I left the Advanced Hypnosis Center, I took the pack of cigarettes I had in my purse and put it in the dustbin saying goodbye to cigarettes and welcome to my new smoke-free life. The wisdom of tranquility that Jeffrey gives to his session is a true power. I cant recommend this hypnosis center enough.

Sara Green 

I would like to share my personal experience from visiting the Advanced Hypnosis Center and specifically working with Jeffrey Rose. He really made me feel great and wonderful again after feeling so stressed and anxious. I had previously suffered from countless panic attacks with severe anxiety symptoms both mentally and physically. I feel completely healed today. After searching out hypnosis centers in New York, I came across their website and after reading some of Jeffrey's published health articles, I decided he was the best hypnotist in New York. In my first session with him, I was able to learn how to relax, breathe properly and enter the wonderful state of hypnosis. After that first session I started to exercise regularly, eat healthier and sleep much better. Most importantly, I am now able to control my thoughts, which are for the most part very positive. After my second session, the benefits of my first session were significantly reinforced. I must say, I am living a mostly stress free life. I am able to learn to acknowledge and appreciate small things that seem to bring me great happiness now. My friends and close family reacted positively to my changes and were quite surprised. I can't recommend the Advanced Hypnosis Center enough. Keep up the great work in helping people.

Karen Cooper 


I had seen your TV interview It was really nice, but why had you not though to use me or Judy in the interview, I am on target at my goal weight since late May and can only say Thank You so many times for you inspiration and motivation.

I want to additionally add that when I had called the Advanced Hypnosis Center for information on their weight loss program their office manager truly went out her to way to maje sure I was prepared to make lifestyle changes. Recommending this center on Citysearch is the least I can do. I also feel that I am writing for both myself and my colleague, Judy as she is not so great on the computer.

Anyone considering hypnosis for the purpose of losing weight should research the hypnotist's qualifications and reputation as they are not all created equal and choose one that has credentials and can offer both past client and professional medical referrals and lastly, to communicate a bit with the hypnotist you are considering and share a bit about your own situation first as I had, and hear what they have to say.

When the office staff mentioned about sharing my feelings about Jeffrey, I felt really really happy. I am sure each persons experience will differ, but I can just say how happy I was to have used this center to lose weight.

Stephanie H. 


Hi Jeffrey, Just wanted to let you know that my Vegas comp was a success!! I was calm and relaxed and remembered all of my routines because I was focused.  I made it a priority to get the proper amount of sleep while my friends went out partying but the outcome was worth it! This comp was HUGE! The biggest I've done to date and al levels competed against each other so an advanced level above me competed against me! We placed 4th in the Championships and 6th in the Scholarships which were amazing results considering the caliber of competition.  My partner was so impressed and pleased, as was I. He noticed a change and said that he saw the best come out in me at this comp. Thank you for your help and I will be calling to schedule another session after the holidays. Happy Holiday
Jackie S. 
"It has been a little over one year since my last cigarette, I don't think I could have done it without your help.  Thank you for helping me kick this horrible habit. "
Lynda Joyce 

"Mr. Rose, I just wanted to touch base and let you know it has been 3 years since our smoking cessation session and I am still a non-smoker. As you said, I left your office and never smoked another cigarette, after having smoked for 35+ years. I was not your most motivated patient, but despite my doubts it really did work. I offer information to anyone interested. Thanks. "

Beth Alternkirch  

"Many thanks for your help, I am happy to say that I have not smoked since leaving your office after our session. I was amazed – as had been slightly cynical about whether or not it would work. Will teach me to have greater faith. "

Siobhan Connolly 
"I first want to say thanks so much for our successful hypnosis session. I feel great. It was a real pleasure meeting you and I will keep you informed as I get my Health Counseling practice started. My enthusiasm for both my recovery and my physical health has been amplified since we met. Thanks so much. "

Alex Jaffe 

"I just want to thank you for helping me quit smoking.  I know it's only been a week, but I've gotten through so many of my everyday routines that I used to associate with smoking, without even really thinking much about smoking!  I've been listening to the CD daily, and have been sleeping much better too.  Before going through hypnosis, I was hesitant about whether it would really work.  I'm truly amazed at how easy it has been to eliminate cigarettes from my life.  I had tried so many alternatives in the past, none of which worked.  Thanks so much for your help! "
Rachel N. 
"Its amazing to me how easy it is to be a non smoker.  I recommend you daily! "

William Kelly  
"Just wanted to say a big Thank You...   I've been referring all my coworkers to you hope you don't mind...  "


"I cannot thank you enough for curing me of a 13 year ailment.  3 months later, I am smoke free and running 3 miles daily.  Besides the complete cessation of my smoking habit, I have also continued to avoid sodas and processed foods.  I have never felt healthier or happier.  My wife is 5 months pregnant now and still in disbelief that I have quit.  I have continually recommended you to each and every person who shows interest in helping themselves.  Hopefully some of those people will follow in my foot steps. 

Thanks again for the new lease on life. "
Seth Ellis 
"Just wanted to thank you.  It's been two years since I had a cigarette!  Two years!  Thank you very much and keep up the good work helping other people."
George Frankel 

"Wanted to send you a quick note & let you know that I am soon approaching my 1 yr anniversary of being a non-smoker.  Never smoked, never wanted to, no side effects and still amazed as to how easy it was to quit.   This has been one of, if not, the most significant things I have ever done in my life and I want to "Thank You" so much for helping me make this happen.  

Thank you more than words can say. "


"Since we have first met, I have gone from being a nicotine and caffeine addict to a one who enjoys raw foods and exercises regularly.  Our meetings absolutely sent me on the right path.  I wanted once again to express my gratitude for your services. "  

John Keegan 

"In case you are wondering, nope, I haven't even so much as reached for a cigarette.  I am extremely content because I am not playing the mind games with myself anymore.  I used to have to spend so much energy trying to "will" myself from having a cigarette, and now that stress is gone.  I still make a decision not to smoke, around others, but it is an EASY decision. I started my one month Equinox membership at Greenwich Ave today and it is a really nice gym.  I also tried my teeccino sample at the weekend and really
enjoyed it.  My yoga pass and Nutracell Omega 3's should be arriving soon.

These small things are not only useful and healthy, they are a nice distraction and give you even more ways to fill your time, time that previously would have been spent aimlessly smoking.  Just to let you know that they are appreciated. "
Dan Sturges 

"Thank you for the articles.  I am doing great as a nonsmoker. There may be moments when I may think about a cigarette; however I know that it would just be pointless to start because I would have to start all over again.  It's a no win situation.

Last weekend I was forced in a situation where 5 out of 7 women were  smoking indoors.  It was driving me crazy...but I stayed strong and  couldn't believe how horrible my clothing smelled when I got home.

Again, I can't thank you enough for everything! "
Jeanette Larkin 

"I just wanted to thank you for giving me (and Joel) the most amazing anniversary present that I could ever hope for: Getting my life back. I am a non-smoker and I feel great! bieng free of that disgusting habit.

The amazing thing is that this past weekend was one of the most stress free that I can remember having in a really long time. I (we) exercised instead of watching TV the whole weekend. We ate every meal with music or with a sound machine, not television. The strange thing is for many years I have wanted to slow down and eat a meal for at least a 20 minute duration and not rush though it for a you know what. I actually found myself looking at the food, tasting it, and putting the fork down. It was so weird because at first I did this without even realizing what I was doing...thank you for giving me that bonus. I’m getting my taste buds back, which I never realized I lost, and it is wonderful. I’m getting my sense of smell back which is a good thing and a bad thing. Bad because I smell smoke everywhere in my clothes and I have to get them out of the apartment and the house. 

Waking up saying “ I am a non smoker and I am happy” and  being positive all day long has also done wonders for my mind and body. I’m drinking 3 quarts of water a day and working out and liking it. It’s very strange how this all sounds like so many of your articles I have been reading. I find this very interesting yet weird...however it happening, it’s working.  

What you've helped me to achieve, words don’t do it justice. I don’t want to know how or why, I just want to keep feeling this way. I know it hasn’t yet been a week since we’ve quit, but I really wanted to thank you. Being an anxious person my whole life, I’ve continuously worried about so many things I had no control over. I feel as though a lot of that anxiety left with that disgusting habit, I am relaxed and I love the feeling. 

Leslie Sweet  

"I just wanted to send you big thanks. Never in all of my attempts to stop this habit have I had such an easy and painless experience as I have had since leaving your office. "
Krista Behrens 

"I wanted to let you know how amazingly successful this process has been for me. I feel good, think of smoking only as "that thing I used to do", and have been focused on health and fitness. Your hypnotherapy was exactly what I needed to give it up for good, and I feel absolutely, 100% certain I will never smoke again.

Immediately after the hypnotherapy, my 12-year old son asked me each day, "Mom, did you smoke today?" and I would realize that not only had I not smoked, I had not even thought about smoking. After a while, he stopped asking. When I asked why he stopped, he said "...because the answer is always 'No'". But I told him I wanted him to start again, because the pleasure I got from realizing I had gone another day free from my addiction was something I want to relish a while longer. So we have an evening ritual... for now. I expect even that will become unimportant soon.

Thank you for being talented at what you do. I am really happy, and really proud of myself. I hope I will be able to send you friends and relatives -- I've been talking you up to everyone I know.

Wendy Allen