Today hypnosis is being recognized more and more as a valuable resource for the improvement of health. Now through the expert skills of New York’s leading doctor-referred Clinical Hypnotist, Jeffrey Rose, CMH, this incredibly powerful modality for life enhancement can be brought right into your corporation work place.

On-site wellness seminars are now seen as an important part of all human resource programs which fully recognize, that the employees’ health and welfare are an integral part of any successful enterprise.

The Advanced Hypnosis Center offers corporate seminars and workshops on a variety of wellness topics including Losing Weight, Quitting Smoking, Managing Stress, and Nutritional Counseling. Our Clinical Hypnotist and Nutritionist, Jeffrey Rose, CMH, has given seminars and workshops at some of New York City’s top corporations. His warm, human presentations are fascinating and entertaining, and use humor as in integral part of the learning process. He is able to initiate change in his audience through many proven techniques, including hypnosis, NLP, and cognitive behavioral patterns.

Many individuals leave his presentations with life-changing outcomes. All who attend also gain invaluable knowledge about health and nutrition, which guides them onto a new path in life which leads to a healthier future. Your employees will be surprised and delighted with the positive changes they will experience with Jeffrey Rose’s guidance.

His Weight Loss Workshops employ powerful hypnotic reconditioning and behavioral modification that allow the clients to lose weight without having cravings or feelings of deprivation. By utilizing the tool of hypnosis within the seminar an individual’s fundamental relationship with food is permanently changed to one that easily and naturally leads them to become thinner and healthier.

Those attending the Weight Loss Seminar with our Clinical Hypnotist, Jeffrey Rose, CMH, will:
End binging and overeating forever
Choose healthier food
Eat smaller, more reasonable quantities
Be satisfied with smaller quantities
Enjoy food more
Get regular exercise

Most people who experience his Smoking Cessation Workshops leave without having any further desire to smoke for the rest of their lives. They are not individuals who have more control in trying to not smoke. But, rather, they are now non-smokers who no longer have any desire for smoking at all. In this way hypnosis is quite different from many programs which depend on the individual’s will-power, and more often then not, eventually lead to relapse. In the end, hypnosis is not only one of the most effective methods for quitting smoking, but also one of the easiest and most comfortable.

Those attending the Smoking Cessation Seminar with our Clinical Hypnotist, Jeffrey Rose, CMH, will:
Lose interest in smoking
Experience easier nicotine withdrawal
Become a permanent non-smoker
Make healthier food choices
Enjoy food more
Exercise more regularly

As the regular fitness and health columnist for Recover Magazine Mr. Rose, CMH is highly qualified in the fields of nutrition and fitness. His seminars on the subject of Healthier Living provide expert guidance and valuable knowledge that can be immediately applied to create positive improvements in the health of your workers, and increase their productivity.

Please call or email the Advanced Hypnosis Center to arrange for our Clinical Hypnotist, Jeffrey Rose, CMH, to give an on-site seminar or workshop at your company location