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The Advanced Hypnosis Smoking Cessation Program will make you a PERMANENT non-smoker who no longer has any interest in smoking.

And you will become a permanent non-smoker quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.

You will do so with less withdrawal and cravings than you ever imagined.

In addition to all this, you will have less negativity and stress, and more self-esteem and self-confidence.

Unlike relying on willpower, which usually fails, you will avoid feelings of self-denial and frustration. Instead, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and self-respect. A burden will lifted from you and replaced with a new sense of freedom.

Our program has had outstanding success and all that is needed is that you have a sincere desire to end your smoking habit for good. Usually only one session is all that is required to make you a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

No medications or nicotine supplements are necessary. Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation is safe and permanent, and, when one considers the cost of continuing your smoking habit, quite economical.

How Hypnosis Will Work for You

It may seem like stress and cravings have driven you back to start smoking again every time you tried to use willpower to stop smoking. The truth is your subconscious knows that smoking has afforded you psychological pleasure so it resists making the behavioral change you desire. The fact is most of your habits are determined by your subconscious beliefs and desires, not your conscious mind. Fortunately, through hypnosis the beliefs and desires within your subconscious are easily changed. Once your subconscious learns that smoking, though pleasurable, is extremely unhealthy for you, it will choose the same belief as your conscious mind, that it is better if you give up this pernicious habit for good. Once it knows that there are other more healthy choices that you can make to get the same positive benefits that smoking may have offered you, it will let go of smoking and you will become a permanent non-smoker. Both the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind will be in total agreement and no willpower will be needed at all.

An important key to this is that you sincerely want to make this change. You must be truly sick of your smoking habit and want to be rid of it for good. If you do not really want to give up smoking then you will be wasting your money and my time. Sometimes people would like to quit smoking but they enjoy it too much to really want to quit, so actually they are not ready to become a permanent non-smoker. They must wait until they really hate smoking and want to have it out of their life for good, then hypnosis will quickly and easily guide them to become a permanent non-smoker.

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