Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright

Hypnosis for Performing Artists, Public Speaking, Media Appearance, Auditions, Castings, Interviews

Advanced Hypnosis Center’s hypnotists are specialized in the field of performing arts, public speaking, and media appearance. Our proven method has already helped hundreds of people in the public eye gain the confidence, calmness and charisma they are now known for.

What if, instead of feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, shaky, light-headed, nauseous, and dizzy or like you wanted to disappear into the ground, you felt calm, centered, grounded, excited and energized in the most positive way?  

It is the moment right before your appearance on stage.

You might be able to hear the audience out there talking, moving in their seats, all waiting for your performance, your speech, your presentation. 

What would happen, if your breathing was from your abdomen and your voice was flowing through you, like a waterfall of natural self-expression…as you appear on stage…  

Your electrifying energy and charisma are reaching far beyond the last rows of the audience and your presence lives on in the conversations of your spectators, even hours, days, months after your speech or performance. 
Your feeling of exhilaration and excitement creates the energy level that generates a strong response in your audience at all times. 
You are being propelled along your career in life by your artistry and creative spontaneity whether you are an actor, musician or public speaker.

You are resourceful without any interference or blocking from anxiety or fear, just experiencing the artistic excitement of the moment in time, and being able to call on all your artistic resources at will to give your best performance.  
Being in a continuous flow state, you are giving presentations or speaking up at work in a confident, powerful, and relaxed way that creates respect and furthers your career goals.  
In an almost non-thinking, spontaneous manner you are able to “stop acting” permanently while connecting with your character on a subconscious level, therefore portraying a real person, engaging the audience far beyond what you thought was possible. 

There is no faster and more effective modality than hypnosis for you to achieve all this and more. The possibilities are endless. 

After just a few sessions, you will be able to instantly relax in any situation and truly enjoy expressing yourself in front of any size of audience. You will be able to not only give your best performance or be a strong public speaker, but fully enjoy it too. Auditions will be something to look forward to and speaking engagements will make you feel passionately confident. Because of your confidence, power and flow-state, you will be able to hypnotize your audiences.

 *To augment the gains achieved from your hypnosis sessions, we recommend you develop your technical speaking skills by joining a local Toastmasters Club, the leading organization dedicated to improving peoples communication and leadership skills.