Increase Your Memory with Hypnosis
Improving Your Memory with the Help of Hypnosis            

Hypnosis sessions can improve all aspects of learning and memory: Registering, Retaining, and Retrieving, while at the same time, it will release any learning blocks, and create valuable new study habits. You will learn how to access information when you need it, with reduced stress and anxiety. In addition, no matter how smart you are, whether you wish to do well in an exam, or in a presentation at work, hypnosis will help you to create a state of relaxed confidence that will greatly improve your performance.

Understanding Memory

Memory is the process of retaining information in the mind, and retrieving information from the mind that has already been stored there. In order to easily learn and use information, a good memory is crucial.

You should know that your subconscious mind has recorded everything that you experience, whether this is a past event, or information that has come to your attention. Hypnosis can enable you to have better access to all the information held within your subconscious memory, for example, educational material, names and addresses, any numbers such as those within addresses and phone numbers, you may wish to recall more easily. Any information and knowledge you need to have ready access to within your career and work situation can be made more readily available to your conscious mind through the power of hypnosis. In this way you can avoid frustration, and excel more in your life endeavors.

The Three Basic Types of Remembering:

There are three basic types of remembering. There is your sensory memory which results from seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting.
• Physical Movement Skill Memory, such as being able to swim, drive a car and ride a bike.
• Word, Idea and Concept Memory.

The Three Steps to the Remembering Process

Registering, taking note of what you want to remember

Retaining, storing the information that has been registered, within the mind.

Retrieving, getting the information that has been stored within the subconscious mind, back to the conscious mind.

Material is best remembered and recalled if placed within a logical pattern that starts with the overall concept or theme, then adds the specifics within the broader concept.