Our Specialities

Stop Smoking

Smoking Cessation
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Weight Loss
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Motivation for Success
With a few hypnosis sessions at New York's Advanced Hypnosis Center you will gain the success motivation you desire... More
Overcoming Addiction
Hypnosis has the capability of resolving past hurts and giving you new and powerful resources so that you can interact with your environment without the need to resort to any use of drugs... More
Overcoming Fear
The irrational fear relief program at New York's Advanced Hypnosis Center is able to deal with and eliminate those debilitating fears in a way that is rapid and easy while avoiding discomfort... More
A Better Nights Sleep
There is no need for you to be sleep deprived any longer with New York's Advanced Hypnosis Center's sleep improvement program... More
Stress Relief
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Correcting Bad Habits
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Anxiety Relief
Let us help your relieve the anxiety your've been experiencing through hypnosis... More
Improve Memory
Hypnosis sessions can improve all aspects of learning and memory: Registering, Retaining, and Retrieving, while at the same time, it will release any learning blocks, and create valuable new study habits... More
Athletic Performance
Top athletes competing in college sports and at the professional level have all accepted the power of hypnosis to enable the competitor to perform at a higher level and to fully achieve their potential... More
Performance Anxiety
Advanced Hypnosis Center’s hypnotists on staff are specialized in the field of performing arts, public speaking, and media appearance. Our proven method has already helped hundreds of people in the public eye gain the confidence, calmness and charisma... More