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Franka Fiala, Clinical Hypnotist

Franka Fiala, Clinical Hypnotist

Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Master Trainer, Franka Fiala, was born in Puerto Rico, and raised in Vienna, Austria.

She has been teaching professional hypnotherapy certification seminars on a regular basis in New York, NY and Puerto Rico, and is the president and founder of “Art of Embracing Life”, a center for transformational vacations in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, where she has been helping people create balance in their lives, offering continuous education, and has been teaching the future generation of elite hypnotherapists. 

Franka was awarded the "Chapter of the Year Award 2009" by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists for the chapter she had been leading in Mayagüez, PR, for continuous education, that is now successfully being lead by a former student of Franka.

Apart from conducting workshops around the globe, Franka is holding sessions for private clients almost daily in person, over Skype and phone, which are conducted in English, Spanish and German. Franka is also a co-owner of Healing Within, a Medical Intuitive and Certified Associate of Patti Conklin, vibrational mediator, conducting Cellular Cleanses (pulling dis-ease from the physical body).

Having a strong background in theater as a writer, director, producer, Franka has developed a groundbreaking method to empower actors, performing artists and public speakers. Being extremely intuitive and sensitive, Franka is also specialized in working with children, improving relationships, getting relief from auto-immune disorders, and transforming stress, anxiety and fears into grounded, centered calmness. Having an athletic background, she understands the pressure and competitiveness some athletes experience, and helps them perform at their best.

Throughout her life, Franka has experienced various forms of scientifically yet inexplicable phenomena including lucid astral projections, near-death experiences, instant healing, psychic/intuitive awareness and cosmo-consciousness experiences.

Based on her understanding of multi-dimensional energy processing, Franka has developed a new healing modality with the help of Spiritual Light Beings in other dimensions. A session with Franka can be held in person, over the phone, video and through astral body assistance. Depending on the client’s current needs and preferences the adequate medium and assisting entities (helpers) will be manifested. 

Franka Fiala is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist with IACT (International Association of Counselors & Therapists), a Certified Master Trainer for IACT, a Certified Professional Speaker-Trainer (American Association of Professional Speakers and Trainers), an Advanced Clinical Hypnotist (Institute for Advanced Neuro-Research and Education, NYC), member of IACT, and was a member of IAC (International Academy of Consciousness, NYC) and a Certified Associate of Patti Conklin, Vibrational Mediator and Medical Intuitive.

What kind of shaman is Franka?

“I call Franka an inside-out shaman because she is so expanded that she does not need to develop her ability to expand her consciousness in order to work within the many layers of reality, the many dimensions in which shamans work for healing, as many of us do. She was born with an openness in her being such that her level of empathy was naturally very strong.

Franka came in to this life already intensely expanded in her consciousness. This manifested in her physical form as a rare condition having to do with her connective tissue. She works to stay connected to the Earth plane, and she is naturally and intrinsically connected to the other, higher dimensions of reality. Although this is, admittedly, an oversimplification, I would say that for most of us it is the other way around.”  -- Sharie Camren, Renegade Shaman, Healer of Healers, Ordained Interfaith Minister

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