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Elena Beloff, Clinical Hypnotist

Elena Beloff, Clinical Hypnotist

Elena Beloff is an NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner with a Bachelor's of Science Degree from New School University. She has over ten years’ experience working in the areas of behavioral change.


Elena specializes in helping performers of all kinds overcome performance anxiety and fears of public speaking. Elena also specializes in success motivation and life goal strategic planning.


Elena uses NLP tools to help her clients identify their desired positive outcomes (outstanding performance, desired relationship, business accomplishment, etc.). Specific positive affirmations (belief statements) are designed accordingly to a client’s issue. These powerful affirmations are instilled in the unconscious mind during the hypnotic trance state. Elena uses guided visualization during trance to help her clients see, hear and feel their desired realties as if they had already happened. This allows them to believe in themselves more and they begin to act and behave in a new empowering way in their day-to-day life. Anchors (triggers) are set for specific desired mental states (confidence, peace, relaxation, etc.) during trance. These anchors can be used to activate positive mental states at will when needed.


Elena’s book “Hypnosis All Around Us” is coming out in 2013. Elena is currently developing two types of docu-series for TV with reputable production companies in the U.S. Her film, Zaritsas: Russian Women in New York, was shown in festivals and on RTVi across the globe in 2011.


Elena is fluent in English and Russian.




"Going to see Elena Beloff has been one of the most rational and important choices I have made in my life. To come across a professional that can unearth and see you beneath whatever your confinement may be - is a truly remarkable experience. Rest assured, you will be met with openness, compassion and the highest level of professionalism. Through dead-on precision and ease I was guided through to the other side, and woke up to see something I had long-since forgotten - myself."


Emily Pfeffer, 26, saw Beloff for success motivation.


"Elena Beloff changed my life! She made it possible for me to have a viable career as a performing musician. When I went to her, I had a terrible and debilitating stage fright. After three hypnosis sessions I can now play to fully packed houses without any trouble! For my entire playing career, I had severe anxiety. It was characterized by a shortness of breath, a high pulse rate and blood pressure and a belief that the audience was antagonistic or hostile. I had tried everything to control my stress from beta-blockers, meditation/yoga, to medication all to no avail. The night before an important event I would have trouble sleeping and would lose my appetite the day of the performance. These could be anything from playing for my peers to playing for a paying audience. The issue was not who was listening because whomever they were, they were against me and wanted to see me fail; at least so I thought.


After no improvement with the various methods I turned to hypnosis. Convinced by the dismal track record, I felt I had nothing to lose. However, to my great surprise, after the first session, I immediately felt a difference! During the interview at that session, we searched for the cause for the anxiety, the trigger to the stressful feelings. Once found, Elena was able to remove that trigger and replace it with a positive affirmation, which could be activated subconsciously when it was time to perform. Since hypnosis works on such a deep level there is no conscious effort needed in order to create good feelings; it just happens. At my next performance, much to my amazement, I did not have to do any mental cheerleading; I simply did not feel the once familiar anxiety. In fact, if anything, I had to get used to feeling calm for a performance, imagine that!


If you have experienced any of these feelings that I once did, don't hesitate, make an appointment! It is amazing how easy and successful hypnosis can be and how quickly it can change your life!"


Ian Shafer, 33, a professional oboe player who saw Beloff for performance anxiety.


"I turned to hypnosis with a desire to gain control in my life in regards to time. For years the idea of getting through my daily schedule punctually seemed like an overwhelming task. As I became busier the problem got worse and I garnered a reputation amongst friends and colleagues of always being late. I needed a drastic change, I decided to try hypnosis not knowing what to expect. As I had hoped hypnosis has made a drastic difference in how I relate to time. I feel confident every mourning knowing that I have given myself the time I need to be punctual and therefore successful in my life, career and relationships. I am very grateful for the experience."


Elena Goode, saw Elena for Time Management